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Haven Life offers exceptional products, flexible integration options, and best-in-class marketing support to power your business

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What we offer

  • Telesales support

    For partners who prefer to guide their clients through the life insurance purchasing experience, our portal allows an advisor to capture an applicant's answers over the phone and includes streamlining features like conversational prompts, e-signatures and consents via text.

  • Streamlined Customer Experience

    Clients can complete an easy-to-understand application online. If approved, they can log into their account and start coverage immediately.

  • Easy-to-use API

    Our suite of API tools can help you with everything from embedding a quote widget to setting up a fully-hosted application, where customers can apply without ever leaving your site.

  • Robust library of marketing assets

    We’re regularly adding turnkey creative to help you engage and activate your clients/audience. Great for affiliate partners who want to get up and running with Haven Life.

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What products does Haven Life offer?

Life insurance is not one-size-fits-all. That's why Haven Life is always developing new protection products to serve targeted audiences. Here's what we currently offer:

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  • Haven Term

    Our flagship product. Medically underwritten, term life insurance. Initially launched six years ago as only direct-to-consumer, Haven Term is now newly commissionable and available via partners and agents as well. Customers can apply for up to $3M in coverage for up to 30 years. Eligible policies also offer living benefits, like a no cost digital will or trust and fitness app through our Haven Plus Rider (available in most states).

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  • Haven Simple

    100% no-medical exam required. Apply and get an instant decision on eligibility. Customers can apply for up to $1M in coverage for up to 20 years. Accidental Death Benefit rider is available at no cost with all Haven Simple policies.

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  • AgeUp

    Annuity provides guaranteed lifetime income for after age 90.

  • Haven Secure

    Decreasing term product where coverage is designed to match the applicant’s income or a large recurring expense (such as a mortgage) which pays out until the end of their policy term (minimum 5 years). Haven Secure is available in 10, 15, 20 or 30-year terms and for coverage amounts ranging from $1,000 to $8,000 per month.

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  • Salary Protection

    Decreasing term product that mirrors an employee's current salary to provide the same steady monthly income a family is accustomed to. Employees can choose a policy that offers a guaranteed monthly payout until the end of their policy term (maximum 15 years, minimum 5 years). Sold exclusively through worksite benefit providers.

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  • Haven Disability

    Short-term, portable disability coverage. Customers may choose coverage options from $500 to $5,000 per month, for terms of 3, 6 or 12 months, during the application process.

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How can Haven Life integrate with Partners?

  • Co-branded landing page

    Ideal for partners who want an effortless start to working together, Haven Life offers a co-branded landing page experience that can be shared directly with clients who may be interested in one of our products. Think low effort/high impact.

  • Quote widget

    A simple solution for partners who want to get our products live on their site or within their app in minutes. The quote widget only requires one line of embedded code. Once implemented, clients can easily get a quote and then will be redirected to apply online through Haven Life’s website.

  • Quote API

    The quote API enables partners to feature quotes for our products within their own experiences (or for their Agents). The API allows partners to build a custom user interface and integrates into their user flow.

  • Pre-fill API

    The pre-fill API allows partners to securely pass data to pre-fill our applications to encourage completion. This API is also available with a co-branded landing page.

  • Broker API

    Partners who want a self-hosted, integrated experience can use this API to offer Haven Secure or Salary Protection through their website portal or mobile app. With the fully-hosted API, customers apply, receive a decision, sign documents, and receive a bound policy without ever leaving the partner’s website.

  • Partner Portal

    Built for partners who prefer to guide their clients through the life insurance purchasing experience, Haven Life’s Partner Portal allows an advisor to capture an applicant’s answers over the phone. The portal includes conversational prompts, e-signatures, and consents via text to streamline the process for both the partner and the client.

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