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Our work isn’t done until we’ve simplified the complicated and given you back time to spend where it’s most important to you. Let our experts take care of the rest.

If you’re a producer we’ll help you reach more clients, remain in control of the process and recognize your success along the way.

If you’re an embedded partner, we’ll help you offer your customers products they can benefit from while making it easy for you.

Working with us


Whatever your type of business, getting started has never been easier. Our 90-day success plan ensures that you and your team have everything you need to guarantee a fast and successful start, including:

  • Dedicated relationship manager to guide you through the process
  • Goal-setting agreement to outline expectations
  • Proven templates and tools for instant efficiency
  • Motivation and engagement programs to drive fast and sustainable success
  • Monthly checkpoints to address any questions you have along the way

About your team

Wade Seward

Head of Partnership Distribution

  • BSBA from Bryant University, JD from University of Connecticut
  • 29 years in life insurance with expertise in distribution, marketing, compliance, and law
  • Proud father of four daughters and one granddaughter

With Haven Life, an approach to this business that I only dreamed of in the past has become a rewarding reality.

Russ Barrnett

Head of Relationship Management

  • BFA from Purchase College, SUNY
  • Depth of expertise in Enterprise-Level Sales and Partnerships
  • Avid runner, musician and watch collector

Working with our partners is like being on several great teams. I get to collaborate, brainstorm, solve problems, and help people succeed. I love it!

Olga Stamatova

Head of Embedded Channel Partnerships

  • BS in Business Administration from Buffalo School of Management, SUNY
  • 10+ years financial services experience
  • Travel and languages aficionado (“Does enjoying a glass of Malbec count as visiting Argentina and practicing Español? Surely, it must!”)

It’s so rewarding to see how your input and vision tangibly impact our partners’ strategies and their customers.

Christopher Harris

Relationship Management Specialist

  • BA Marketing from Fordham University
  • 10+ years experience working on the operational side of insurance agencies
  • Loves being outside with his dog, Zulu, who is part Black Lab and part Belgian Malinois

Being an active participant in transforming this industry from paper-based to all-digital is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Josh Millman

Head of Partnership Strategy

  • BA from University of Michigan, JD/MBA from Boston College
  • 18 years in the insurance industry with carriers and insure-techs
  • Loves music, food, playing squash, time away with family, and finding new and interesting experiences

The more in control you are, the faster you can go.

Mark Laconte

Relationship Manager

  • BS in Finance from Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI
  • Career insurance industry sales/relationship management roles and was even the first telesales agent to sell a Haven Life policy!
  • Spends time catching UMass sporting events, being on the golf course, traveling, or enjoying a good book

Before joining Haven Life I sold this product and Haven was my favorite provider! I look forward to helping you grow your business and providing tips on how to use the product.

Sheryl Sheridan

Relationship Management Specialist

  • 20+ years experience in customer experience and process improvement
  • Passion for training and achieving mutual success
  • Outside of work, you can find me outdoors with my dogs, kayaking, landscaping, or touring a vineyard

I have a passion for making an impact and providing top-notch service to help make our partners’ jobs easier so they achieve maximum success.

Get in touch