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Exceptional products, flexible integrations, and proven marketing support to power your growth

Now that’s a win-win-win.

Solutions to Suit Your Clients

  • Haven Simple

    • Instant decision product – no fluids!
    • ~50% of clients get an immediate offer
    • Available $25,000-$1,000,000
    Download fact sheet
  • Haven Term

    • Fully underwritten, competitive price
    • Available $250,000-$3,000,000
    • Instant non-fluid offers for ~20% of clients under $1,000,000
    Download fact sheet

Haven Life Plus

Haven Life Plus allows eligible Haven Term policyholders to access up to $700/year worth of practical, no-cost benefits from companies like Trust & Will, Aaptiv, and Timeshifter.

Expertise that powers your team
  • Your goals matter

    We are here to make your experience as seamless as possible.
  • Offer more opportunities to your customers

    We’ve made it easy to integrate life insurance into your business.
  • The best tech offering in life insurance

    We have an instant issue with the backing of MassMutual.
  • Products designed to be policies

    We price and design simple products for clients’ complex lives.
  • Feedback that improves experiences

    Your input makes a difference.
  • Marketing ideas that create opportunity

    We can help you reach more customers.
  • Support that drives success

    We believe that at at the end of every policy is a person.
  • Dedicated partnership for a fast start

    If you need help, I’m your “fix it” guy.
  • Customer support when it’s needed

    My team is here to assist your clients.

Easy integration solutions

  • Haven Life offers a co-branded landing page that can be shared directly with clients who may be interested in one of our products. Think low effort/high impact.

  • Only requiring one line of code, our quote widget is a simple solution for partners who want to get our products on their site or app in minutes.

    Once implemented, clients can easily get a quote and will be redirected to apply online through Haven Life’s website.

  • The quote API enables partners to feature quotes for our products within their own experiences. The API allows partners to build a custom user interface and integrates into their user flow.

    The pre-fill API allows partners to securely pass data to pre-fill our applications to jump-start the process and encourage completion. This API is also available with a co-branded landing page.

  • Haven Life offers a truly end-to-end digital experience with the benchmark of instant decision and instant issue underwriting.

  • With the fully hosted API, customers apply, receive a decision, sign documents, and receive a bound policy without ever leaving the partner’s website.

  • Built for partners who prefer to guide their clients through the life insurance purchasing experience, Haven Life’s Partner Portal allows an advisor to capture an applicant’s answers over the phone.

    The portal includes conversational prompts, e-signatures, and consents via text to further streamline the process.

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